Migration – the Challenge of European States

On the 26. and 27th of April an international JMCH conference took place. The aim of the conference was to provide knowledge in the field of migration and migration policy in the EU and highlight the current challenges and future prospects in this area. The conference was also aimed at creating a suitable space for postgraduate students and young researchers to present their position papers or those they will work on during writing their doctoral dissertations. The conference was attended by more than 70 guests from academia, state institutions, think-tanks and NGOs. The JMCH conference succeeded to create a forum for researchers and professionals who are interested in migration policy with the aim of discussing both general and specific issues related to perspectives, concepts, approaches, models and tools for migration and migration policy in the EU.

About scientific conference

 Our mission

A comprehensive view of the academic community, specialists from practice and civil servants from the pan-European perspective to compare the challenges in migration and migration policy in the European Union. It will provide a problem oriented analysis and discussion of individual themes and problems within the given theme which – as we believe – will play an important role in the forming and life of European society in the future.

Who can participate

academic community, researchers, scholars and specialists in migration, state representatives, public actors, media


Conference topics

  • Current challenges in migration policy
  • Migration and the EU member states
  • Migration: perspectives and future scenarios

Proposed topics are designed to be inclusive rather than exclusive enabling organizers to combine relevant papers in a multi-disciplinary approach to fit all papers in the proposed panels.

Proposals for presentations should consist of brief biographical note and short (150 words) abstract.

Participants are required to register for the conference: Application form

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UCM in Trnava, Slovakia on April 26-27 2018.

For general inquiries related to paper proposals as well as organizational matters and other correspondence, please, contact: jaroslav.mihalik@ucm.sk

The organizers reserve the right to change the conference schedule due to the number of participants and panel optimization.

Selected high quality papers will be published as chapters in edited and peer-reviewed book/monograph dedicated to the conference topic, published online and in hard copy and distributed to respective institutions at national as well as international level.

Important deadlines

MARCH 15 2018        Accommodation and travelling grant for selected speakers

MARCH 30 2018       Registration for the conference

MARCH 30 2018       Abstract Submission

APRIL 26-27 2018     Conference days (Programme of conference)

JUNE 1 2018               Full Paper Submission (Official Template)

Accommodation and travelling grant

Its purpose is to facilitate accommodation for the selected participants who apply for the grant until March 15 2018.

What is Jean Monnet Chair In Migration: The Challenge of European States?

A Jean Monnet Chair In Migration: The Challenge of European States is a teaching and research post with a specialization in the European Union studies for university professors, scholars and senior researchers.

Which activities are supported under this action?

Jean Monnet Chair In Migration: The Challenge of European States carries out the following activities:

  1. deepen teaching in European integration studies embodied in an official curriculum of a higher education institution;
  2. conduct, monitor and supervise research on EU subjects, also for other educational levels such as teacher training and compulsory education;
  3. provide in-depth teaching on European integration matters for future professionals in fields which are in increasing demand on the labour market;
  4. encourage, advise and mentor the young generation of teachers and researchers in European integration subject areas.

Important documents

Scientific Board of the conference

doc. PhDr. Peter Horváth, PhD.

prof. Dr. MA Ing. Július Horváth, PhD.

prof. Ing. Roman Horváth, Ph.D.

prof. Valeriu Mosneaga, DrSc.

prof. PhDr. Ľudmila Malíková, CSc.

prof. PhDr. Jan Rataj, CSc.

doc. Karen Henderson, Ph.D.

Dr.h.c. prof. PhDr. Blanka Říchová, CSc.

doc. JUDr. Jana Reschová, CSc.

Dr.h.c. prof. PhDr. Marcela Gbúrová, CSc.

doc. PhDr. Jaroslav Mihálik, PhD.

doc. PhDr. Jozef Klavec, PhD.

doc. PhDr. Milan Čáky, CSc.

doc. Mgr. Peter Juza, PhD., CSc.

prof. PhDr. Svetozár Krno, CSc.

doc. PhDr. Peter Čajka, PhD.

prof. Arkadiusz Modrzejewski

prof. Dr. Ryszard Czarny, PhD.

doc. PaedDr. Milan Vošta, PhD.