In February 2018 Dr. Ondřej Filipec presented research conducted under Jean Monnet Chair in Migration at the international conference “Europe of the 21st Century” which took place at Collegium Polonicum in Slubice. Organizers hosted more than 350 researchers from almost 40 countries and Dr. Filipec had the honour to present there Jean Monet Chair programme and actual research of our team related to EU border management and effectiveness of the EU FRONTEX agency.





December 13, 2017 – EU COUNCIL SIMULATION

Under the umbrella of Jean Monnet Chair students experienced simulated negotiations of EU Council of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA). In their roles as ministers of interior students negotiated and decided about EU security and migration on a high political level.











Mainly young people participated in the workshop dedicated to migrant status of European society discussing problems facing migrants in different countries. Students saw several short movie scenes dedicated to migration and visually connected the problem. After visualization room for discussion has been created. Due to involvement of university students there was a possibility to verify theoretical knowledge acquired during previous events and education. Personal stories and examples given by prof. Mosneaga tried to encourage students to write their BA and MA thesis in migration und his supervision.









November 9, 2017 – Jean Monnet Chair Presentation at INTERPOLIS 2017

Jean Monnet Chair team presented project to international audience at INTERPOLIS 2017 Conference which was hosted  by Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica. Dr. Filipec presented there first results regarding impact of immigration on criminality rate in Germany and Sweden followed by discussion about methodological aspects of the research and measures how to avoid xenophobia in Central and Eastern European countries.












October 27, 2017 – Dissemination at Workshop for Project Managers

Our Jean Monnet Chair project managers have been invited to the event organized by Slovak National Agency for Erasmus+ Programme for Education and Training Sectors to present their experience and encourage other project managers. Our team had opportunity to present Jean Monnet Chair in Migration project and previous results to approx. 30 representatives from other Slovak universities and response question related to project preparation and management.









December 14, 2016 – Film Club AJ MY SME TU DOMA / WE ARE AT HOME HERE


The film club Watch and Think was targeting especially university students with the aim to deepen their knowledge about migration and integration of migrants in Slovakia. Event was open by the short discussion with the host Jaroslav Mihálik and the guest Jozef Lenč, which was commenting the current issues connected with migration crisis. For this purpose was chosen the documentary Aj my sme tu doma/ We are at home here created by IOM in 2013. Documentary shows mainly the attitudes towards the migrants in Slovakia through specific personal stories of Palestinian doctor, florist from Ukraine and business man from Vietnam. This stories should help the students feel the reality of the everyday life of the migrants in Slovakia.





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November 24, 2016 – Workshop ASYLUM POLICY IN EUROPE


The main aim of the workshop was to explain how the asylum policy works in different European countries. As an example, they used the current migration crisis and how the countries especially the Visegrad countries dealing with these problems. The workshop was run by Ondřej Filipec and Martin Hrabálek, which both offered their view on possible solutions of European Asylum policy. They also focused on the differences of the terminology and the use of terms migrant, refugee and asylum seeker and how the media and politicians often use them in different meanings which they are not related to, what can create a confusion among public.





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The round table was focused on the spread of the information to the public about migration crisis, migrants and refugees. The invited guests were experts on the various topics closely connected to the migration, so the public can see and react on various opinions. The host of the discussion was Ondrěj Filipec and invited guests were Sylvie Burianová, Martin Hrabálek, Jozef Lenč, Tomáš Čižik, Peter Bárdy a Jaroslav Naď.


The videos from the roundtable can be watch here: link will be added as soon as possible.





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November 22, 2016 – Workshop ACTUAL TRENDS IN MIGRATION POLICY


The main aim of the workshop was to give the students an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in the domain of migration policy in the EU. Since the main speaker was the Jean Monnet Chair professor Valeriu Mosneaga from Moldova he provided the students with the different views on the migration policy. The workshop focused mainly on the cultural, historical, social, political and linguistic diversities among the states of the EU.






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September 1, 2016 – New Website

The website created for Jean Monnet Chair for Migration is the main source of information about the project for the public. Content of the website is based on the outputs and deliverables of the project and includes the chair, staff, publications, activities, teaching and research. The website is also linked to the Facebook website of the Department of the Political Science and European Studies. The website is considered to be primary source for information of the project.